Bucketts of Love

 How can you help? Donate! You can contact me directly through email with any questions you may have. There is no “middle man” here. All donations will go through me. I am currently living in Nepal and am in direct contact with the patients, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and medical suppliers. Your money will be directly forwarded to the sustainability of the foundation.

Here is a brief breakdown of where the funds will be going:

  • $10.00 will provide $70.00 worth of medical supplies such as wound dressing, linens and educational material

  • $25.00 will provide $175.00 worth of medical equipment such as stethoscopes and blood pressure machines.

  • $25.00 will provide insulin for 50 patients

  • $50.00 will purchase an exam bed

  • $75.00 will purchase a hospital bed

  • $100.00 will provide an insulin pump for 50 patients

  • $500.00 will establish a pharmacy

  • $1,500 will establish a community lab

  • $3,000 will establish the construction of a local clinic

If you would like to donate supplies rather than money, that is completely POSSIBLE! Contact us to learn how.

If you can not make any kind of donation at the moment, please spread the word!

Our future goal is to build a clinic equipped with exam rooms, a pharmacy, a fitness room and a yoga/ meditation center.

Make a contribution on our GoFundMe page, make a donation by purchasing an item on our Etsy page, or simply use paypal by clicking the button below!