How it Began…

My name is Maria Benedetti. I am a Registered Nurse from New York. My first visit to Nepal was the summer of 2012 for an independent study and to gain more hands on clinical practice. Originally my plan was to volunteer as a nurse at the hospital, College of Medical Sciences, in Chitwan… and come back home.

However, it turned into something much more than what I had expected. While I was doing my rounds, I noticed there were an immense amount of patients who needed hemodialysis due to kidney failure and also patients who had a plethora of cardiac diseases, and the reason being is DIABETES. Many of these medical problems could have been prevented by early diagnosis and health education. Unfortunately, the people of Nepal can not afford regular health exams, and therefore, many are living with DIABETES AND THEY DO NOT EVEN KNOW… UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE.

These patients do not have medical insurance in order to receive any type of health care. Patients literally have to sell their homes and all of their belongings just to get hemodialysis, treatment, which cost about 3,500 Rupees/week ($43.00US). That does not include the cost of hospital stay; medication, lab work, food, and other needed resources. Patients need to pay for everything out of their pocket! When I learned this, I knew I wanted to help. I set up a meeting with the Director of College of Medical Sciences, and told him about my desire to help. He informed me that chronic diseases are drastically rising in Nepal, and the government does not provide any help for the people.

With good fortune and help from the hospital I was volunteering at, I started a Non Profit Bucketts of Love – Help Save Nepal. The goal is to provide free health care, which includes: diabetic testing, administering medication, and educating the local people about nutrition and health issues. Many people live hours away from any hospital or health post, with no access to any form of transportation. If patients need to go to a hospital or doctor, transportation will be provided by the foundation.

How can you help? Donate! You can contact me directly through email with any questions you may have. There is no “middle man” here. All donations will go through me.

Your money will be directly forwarded to the sustainability of the foundation.

Here is a brief breakdown of where the funds will be going:

  • $10.00 will provide $70.00 worth of medical supplies such as wound dressing, linens and educational material

  • $25.00 will provide $175.00 worth of medical equipment such as stethoscopes and blood pressure machines.

  • $25.00 will provide insulin for 50 patients

  • $50.00 will purchase an exam bed

  • $75.00 will purchase a hospital bed

  • $100.00 will provide an insulin pump for 50 patients

  • $500.00 will establish a pharmacy

  • $1,500 will establish a community lab

  • $3,000 will establish the construction of a local clinic

If you would like to donate supplies rather than money, that is completely POSSIBLE!

If you can not make any kind of donation at the moment, please spread the word!